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Test / Review – CAMP Adrenaline Pants und G Comp Wind Power

The CAMP Adrenaline pants help you to stay warm. Whatever the situation, be it while climbing at the stand or on a skitour during the downhill. You can easily throw them over, thanks to the zipper that allows complete unzipping.

Add The G Comp Wind Power gloves to your outfit and you’ll stay safe and warm throughout the day. Again you can block the wind and comfortably enjoy you skitour.








Ortovox Piz Cartas

Test / Review – Ortovox Piz Cartas

The lightweight vest by Ortovox is the real deal when it comes to warmth-to-weight-ratio. Filled with Swisswool it keeps me warm during ice climbs, ski touring and all kind of winter activities. Or during climbs in autumn, the Piz Cartas is a vest you do not want to miss. Plus it goes great in combination with below pictured Haglöfs Lizard Top.

Haglöfs Lizard Top

Haglöfs Lizard Top

Review – Haglöfs Lizard Top

Haglöfs has been my favourite brand for ages. Nevertheless, this test was not easy on the Lizard Top. I took it from Ski Mountaineering to Trailrunning. From sun to fog to rain. As it withstood all (but the rain) I am more than happy to highly recommend it. Great and easy piece of apparel.

Salopette Baselayer

NW Alpine Salopette Baselayer

upcoming test – NW Alpine Salopette Baselayer

Review – NW Alpine Salopette Baselayer

Keeping you warm on cold days. The Salopette Baselayer by NW Alpine is your true friend on long ice climbs and during cold winter touring.


Berghaus Mount Asgard

Testbericht Mount Asgard (deutsch)

The Mount Asgard is a shelter for tough days in the mountains. Made from Gore Pro Shell it still comes at incredible light weight. A piece I surely would not want to miss.


 Black Diamond Speed 30

Black Diamond Speed

Review – Black Diamond Speed 30

Amendment to the review

The Black Diamond Speed 30 is a go-fast backpack. You can strip it from the backplate, top pouch and the hip belt, thereby getting a very light summit-day-backpack. Still it is tough and when packing light you can easily cover a overnight-ascent with it. Rolling the pack to close it is definitely something that could go more ergonomic, but this is the price you have to pay for lightweight.


Petzl Nao

Review – Petzl Nao

The Nao is a great headlamp. Versatile through a computer interface that allows various light-options. Lots of light in the darkness and a perfect option for the gear junkie.

Haglöfs Atom Bib

Haglöfs Atom Bib II

Review – Haglöfs Atom Bib II

update Haglöfs Atom Bib

Atom Bib after summer season

My one and only true love. Dead expensive and worth every euro, the Atom Bib is going wherever you want it to go with you.

For everybody looking into buying a new backpack: Check out the post of  my friends at mountix.com about backpacks: Best Buddy – Tipps zum Rucksackkauf


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