The intention behind this blog is testing outdoor equipment. One piece at a time and thoroughly. During the tours I do and with some challenge being put on me and the test object. 

I also blog about the tours I do and keep your posted about what is going on in alpinism (mostly by linking to youtube-videos). My daytime job is keeping me quite busy so I cannot always live up the the journalistic approach I would like to display. The intervals in which I can put new posts together vary, for just the same reason.

Languages will vary. Switching between English and German. If you cannot understand a post, please use Google Translator. I usually tend to use the language that goes best with what I want to say.

So who is the person behind this: I am Tim Rasmus. Please kindly note that „Rasmus“ is not my last name, people tend to mix that one up. A couple of years ago I relocated from the Baltic Sea in northern Germany to Bavaria chasing my dream to climb mountains. Any more questions, leave a comment.


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