is this a time-warp?

The last two years in university were characterized by cycling (more or less competitive). I started cycling because of knee problems that resulted from my triathlon training – mostly from a not-so-great new running shoe – and ended up having a pretty good time with my friends in the RSC88 Regensburg team.

Not only did we learn a lot about cycling, we also experienced team dynamics, intense discussions about our goals and tried to find new sponsors. I had to leave after two years and focus on my master thesis, but I will never forget this time. Dedicated, hard work can lead to surprising results. Mostly I surprised myself while from time to time there was a real success.

A hobby race in Pleisdorf was such a success. I did not win, but Andi, my back-then teammate, was able to break away and win the race. My job was fairly simple: Sit on everybody’s back wheel when they attack and make sure they are not leaving the peloton. On every corner I had to slow the field down by riding up front and hitting the brakes way too hard. After my job was done I just cruised for the remainder of the race and only on the finish line found out that Andi had won. It felt like one of the biggest accomplishments ever, almost certainly better than winning myself.

We were good looking lads back in the days, as you can tell:


From the impression we gave, nobody would have thought that Andi was about to become a star in the academic field and I would leave university to become consultant, running around in a suit all day long…

I think it is fair to say that most of what we are and what we do today benefits from the cycling years. While Andi is still cycling (he re-grouped in Team Brothers Bikes with a few former team-mates), I went back to mountaineering. But the learnings you can generate from daily training and long hours on the bike are quite significant.

Focussing on a goal, thinking first of all about what you can do before asking for help, sticking with the game although you have to fight constantly.

So, why am I telling you this: Andi will re-locate to Munich. Most certainly this will result in a photo similar to the one above and hopefully a few races we do together.

Let’s get back on the bike.



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