News – ISMF Worldcup Verbier

It has been a Kilian show. He won the Individual race and sprinted (wíthout ski) to a third place in the Vertical. Although the below foto shows Jornet and Jacquemoud crossing the finish line simultaneously, a 15 second penalty was given to the catalan pro because of carrying his ski in his hands.

Nevertheless, such a strong display of competitiveness is worth noticing.

(C) Riccardo Selvatico

German television picked up the Worldcup, now reporting in the same manner they always do: Just focusing on German athletes and neglecting the fact that with spanish family names you still use the first one, not the second. To all those who were watching: Kilian Burgada is in fact Kilian Jornet Burgada, mostly referred to as „Kilian Jornet“. There is no new star from Spain.

Furthermore, we were informed that skitouring was „cool and hip“. ARD – Thanks for letting us know! Although I really appreciate that the sport is getting media attention and is covered in detail: Please get it right the next time. Do your homework and use the really great pictures available to provide the coverage the athletes deserve – the best. I understand that you have to exaggerate in order to make the audience feel like witnessing the craziest event ever. On the other hand I am quite sure that the sport and the mountains can speak for themselves.

Hats off to Toni Palzer. His start in the individual race ended in a chaos, still he managed to win the Espoirs class.


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