Report – Long Training run

There are days that were not planned to be spectacular and still they turn out to be pretty good.

This sunday was one of those days. I started for a normal training run. After reaching the first summit I felt good and kept going. Same procedure on the next summit and the next… I kinda knew that my legs were good in the last couple of weeks, but after a week of hardly any training with stress in my daytime job I wasn’t sure.

Because of the beautiful scenery and great weather yesterday I got carried away. So I ended up covering close to 1700 vertical meters and a distance of 27k. I started out on Jägerkamp, crossed to Aiplspitz and went on to Rauhkopf. From there it was logical to go to Taubenstein and continue to Rotwandhaus, because I was hungry. After going to the summit of Rotwand I went down to Spitzingsee and back to my car.

Best thing about this: It did not feel like that at all. Even on the flat section at the end going back to the car I was able to actually run instead of walking slowly.

Conclusion from this: Even though there is no snow, I can still prepare for the Patrouille. Although everybody knows that these kind of trainings are way more fun on skis.

Let’s talk gear for a second: I ran on a Salomon Speedcross, the M+S sole works perfectly fine on trails and snow. Ice is a little sketchy, but fortunately there was little. The inner sole moved on the downhill part, which was ok. Combined with Inov gaiters they are doing a good job. Nevertheless, I should have brought something with Gore Tex, my feet were soaked after the first snowfield.

I carried the Camelbak Ultra LR Vest, a vest made for running. It holds a 2 liter reservoir and allows to store a wind jacket and cell phone, money plus car keys. My poles were old Komperdell ones made from alloy. Nothing special.

It was really warm, so I hardly brought any clothes. Functional underwear and the Lizard Top, that was that. Asics thermal tights over which I wore the Haglöfs functional shorts in order to protect the hamstrings and kidneys (it has got a higher back). The LIM jacket stayed in the pack almost all the time, as I said it was really warm.

Overall, a great day and something to remember!


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