The lack of snow starts taking its toll

Who would have thought that we end up with that little snow in January? The first races are already being rescheduled and there is only little hope for more snow.

I ended up training on-piste in Hochfügen, always fearing that some drunken alpine skier would run me over. At the end of the day I was so fed up with running up the artificial snow that I left the skiing area and climbed to the summit of a mountain just next to the piste. It were merely a hundred vertical meters, but they meant a lot to me. Finally back in the „wild“. Personally it feels awkward that people do not feel the hunger inside to touch the wild and get out of the limiting reach of the lift.

I never really got into alpine skiing neither did I ever possess a pair of alpine ski. From day one I started with touring skis (old Kästle with a Silvretta 400 steel binding). Touring ski allow me to go to all the places I want to see and experience. They are providing so much freedom and with it a lot of fun. A little while ago there was a fight in Alpenverein-Forum, where a woman was looking for somebody to join her on a ski tour. She then was blamed for destroying the nature with the sharp edges of her skis. Well, I am not an expert, but to me a ski area with all the lifts, car park and awful lot of restaurants appears to be more harm to nature. Let alone the amount of carbon dioxide resulting from the artificial snow production. There are more risks coming from artificial snow, covered in this Spiegel article (german): „Kunstschnee mit Kollateralschäden“

Don’t get me wrong! I am not blaming people enjoying the pleasure of a ski resort nor do I limit my skiing activity because of the environmental aspects. The results that we see and experience at the moment are coming from a problem that spans around the globe. Climate change is happening, basta. I am not entering the debate whether it is caused by human activity or not here. For everybody interested in this matter, just send me an e-mail (see imprint for details) and I’ll provide my master’s thesis.

Coming back from the global problems to my personal ones: How to train with this lack of snow and a certain need for adventure? I do not know. Maybe I’ll go back to mountain running for another weekend and then wait for more snow to fall…


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