2013 – coming to an end

It is 2014 already… seems like just a couple of days ago that my brother and I greeted 2013:


Last year’s January was entirely off for me, I took all the 2012 vacation in just one month. We travelled through the alps, looking for Ice to climb and snow to ski. Both were scarce. Same thing this year, I believe.

Since everything is done with the PDG 2014 in focus, we try to train on hills most of the time. Nevertheless, the „Schliersee Silvesterlauf“ was a good way to test in what shape we were on the road. Axel and I know each other for a couple of years now, but we never raced together in the past. Therefore the medius-Silvesterlauf was a good race to start at.

Axel logged in a 29min run on the 7.6km course (the course was astonishingly rolling) and I followed with a 32min run. In our age group this was good enough to finish 6th and 10th respectively. Personally, this was a great end to 2013, where other runs (such as Hochfelln, and please do not google my result) happened to be far less successful. Well, the focus was another back then. It was merely a test-race and I now know that you should not do that in a German championship race.

After the race we celebrated the New Year at the summit of Brecherspitz. I love the mountain and we had a terrific view across Tegernsee, Schliersee all the way to Munich. I believe we saw firework worth millions of euros. After climbing down we were back in Munich just after three o’clock after a long and successful day.

Everybody, have a great start into 2014 and make this a year worth remembering!


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