Advice – sort of a must read list

Axel and I got into a discussion about the following list. I said that I wanted to do a „must read“ list for my blog. He said that there was no book that could be called a must read, because we managed to get along without reading it. Well, Alpine Climbing or Alpin-Lehrplan Hochtouren still are books we frequently refer to.

The Rother guidebooks for Ostalpen and Westalpen are really great. And when it comes to auto-biographies I really like the one of Hermann Buhl (Achttausend drüber und drunter) and Gary Erickson’s Raising the Bar (the story of Clif Bar). Göran Kropp was inspiration as well.

Below you can find a more or less random list (since I had to admit that there was no real must-read list, the only exception Extreme Alpinism by Mark Twight):

Mark Twight Extreme Alpinism
Andy Cunningham and Allen Fyffe Winter mountaineering
Mark Houston and Kathy Cosley Alpine climbing
Herman Buhl 8000er – Drunter und Drüber
Göran Kropp Allein auf den Everest
Mark Twight Steig oder Stirb
Werner Munter 3×3 Lawine
Pit Schubert Sicherheit in Fels und Eis



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