Mountaineering and High Tech

Just ran into a TEDx talk by George Cave covering the opportunities created by using Google Maps in expeditions and climbing as such.

Combining soviet maps and the Google data allows to „safely“ go to remote places, knowing what the terrain looks like. Thereby Cave was able to travel to ranges, which yet have to be climbed.

Also covered in the talk is the not longer new phenomenon of staying connected to the internet while in the mountains. I can remember the days back in 2005 when I started to climb and my buddy was freaking out after I started texting on the summit. These days there is hardly an area without network service in the Alps (you will find one just the second you need help and want to make a phone call!). The Pro’s have to tweet, text, Facebook on the mountains, won’t argue with that.

But does Average Joe have to? I’d rather go with phoneless in the mountains, having all devices in flight mode and enjoy the silence.


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