Good days

This was planned to be an adventure. And it really became one. After heading to Oetztal on Friday already and occupying a small room there we were able to start on Saturday at 6am. This would leave an entire day to go all the way up a 3000+ peak. As Vent, the small village at the end of Oetztal, is located on 1800m the tour would be around seventeen hundred vertical meters.

After not quite solving all navigation issues we went up the Rofental to the Vernagthütte. The location is great, I already paid the hut a visit in summer. To the south you can see the view reaching from Hintere Schwärze and Similaun to Kreuzspitze, Saykogel and Fineilspitze, On Saturday we just grabbed a coffee and continued to Fluchtkogel. All in all covering close to 1800hm vertical meters in the ascent and close to 18km in distance from the valley to the summit and back to the hut. You might already have discovered that this is just a typical blog post stating how great the author is.

Well, to share some lessons learnt on that day: Move only as fast as you can navigate. Plan thoroughly and keep hydrating all the time. The hydration lesson is something I have learnt before, but now I managed to stick to the schedule of drinking and experienced no problems.

Here are some pictures from that tour. The sunday’s tour is covered in the next post.


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