Report from Snow Leopard Day 2013

Sometimes you just want something so badly that you do not realize that it was out of reach already. When coming back from a business trip on 11pm Thursday night I was totally wrecked. Still I kept thinking about the trip to Schleching on Friday afternoon and how to start the day at 6am on Saturday.

This did not work out. I was simply not capable of performing that stunt and adjusted accordingly. Making it to Schleching at 8am on Saturday was all I was able to put together (this would still leave 10h I thought). Unfortunately I missed the rest of the Mountix group on the start and completed the first 1000 vertical meters on my own. On the descent we then met and I turned around to join them for breakfast. After I had a hard time on the first run, things got way better after a proper breakfast (Apfelstrudel and coffee).

The second run then was not the entire 1000m but still about 700. Another break, more time to eat and I was off for the next 1000. Together with Uli, not only kamikaze but also though as hell (she did 3210 vertical meters that day!), I completed this run and it was a day filled with 2700m of ski-touring. Plus: a great party after all the effort, a lot of nice folks around.

Overall, a great day with pretty good snow in the morning and the feeling of having logged in the vertical meters for a good cause. Just as I promised before the 26,- € (the sum Dynafit is going to donate) are being doubled by me and I will wire the money to the Snow Leopard Trust. To find out more about their work go to:


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