Atom Bib – after summer season

About a year has passed since last christmas when I got my Atom Bib.

The blog post at this very place has been read quite a lot of times and I am happy to see that my review provides some information otherwise not available on the net.

I have been using the bib on various occasions and tours that differed in character a lot. From the slopes of the Arber  and Alpspitze to the Piz Palü and from the Berner Oberland to Chamonix and Gran Paradiso.

During winter times there were harsh conditions (as reported in the previous mentioned post). The Atom Bib is living up to the task and keeping you warm. What still does not work is keeping the back of the hamstring warm. But what did I expect? An update? This clearly is not going to happen (if the bib was an iPad there might have been one within a few months…)

Under the bib I usually were 3/4-tights made for runnning. With ski socks one can thereby prevent pressure in the boots. The 3/4 warm compression tights I bought from Skins turned out to not do the trick. It is constantly slipping up to the knee, thereby opening up an entry for the cold. Still the compression is good. Maybe I can figure out a way to deal with this.

For the gaiters I found that the do not work perfectly while climbing. The logically do not stay in position when pulling up the legs or knees. Still the pants are awesome in climbing terrain. On Wetterhorn it turned out to be just perfect. Flexible and versatile to the max. Still the Kevlar reinforced part on the inside of the leg is withstanding attacks from the crampons.


The boot cut nevertheless can cause some trouble on ridges. Cautiously setting steps is mandatory in order to prevent stumbling. An extra set of gaiters might help here, but I have not yet bought one.

What I like best is the flexable strech part above the hip. This saves one midlayer and thereby quite some weight. You can see it in the below picture (staring me in Chamonix, just a few minutes after dipping into a crevasse). Really comfy!


The braces on the other hand can cause some skin irritation when you sweat. So on has to take care here.

Overall I am still more than satisfied with the Atom Bib. Worth the money and a professional garment.


4 Gedanken zu “Atom Bib – after summer season

  1. Hi,

    can you tell something about sizing of the pant?
    It is now available reduced in the net, but it would be good to know about the fit.
    Which size do you have, whats your size/weight in comparison?
    Or is there somewhere a size table containing waist and so on?



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