The need for…

The other day in the subway I overheard somebody supposedly from the sports industry talking about troubles for Berghaus getting the Mount Asgaard II into store shelves. It looks as if they have some supplier problems. This might in fact turn out to become a problem as dealers need „a good winter“.
The business is tight for some and might become worse as more and more online dealers are entering the market (zalando being one of them). Some firms would have to enter this year’s winter season with their last year’s stocks.

This estimation has been confirmed by another source from the sports industry.

Personally I like small shops. Where you can actually touch the equipment before buying it. And where somebody, just like you, tells you about the pros and cons of the latest jacket. Nevertheless, this business model seema to be a little outdated. Stock supplies cannot possibly match the ones of internet dealers. Even worse, just the size and piece you need turns out to be out of stock. So you have to come again, spending more time on this than it would have taken you to shop online.

In the end, it is a matter of lazyness. And it is about the price. Stores can hardly match what the internet offers. But if one likes chatting about tools and jackets and gear, the has got to be another way of being able to do so.
The sports industry and retail business is facing a serious need for a new business model.


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