Nike Greatness

I have been covering an advertising campaign before (Marlboro’s Maybe) and want to do this again. On Adventure Journal there was a spot from Nike’s Greatness campaign featuring a boy running. He might be considered a little overweight, but the impacts of running on his knees are not topic of this post.

Greatness can be achieved when you keep on going through any adversity and agony. No matter how much pain you have to endure, just stick with it. On Wetterhorn I did not have what it takes and did not reach the summit. Because of a lack of fitness the exhaustion kicked in too early and I had to slow down and rest. There are situations in which „keep on going“ means stopping. In order to leave the mountain safely recovery was mandatory.

Sometimes you can push as much as you want. Till you collapse. But this needs a somewhat safe environment. In the mountains you have to tackle some objective risks and keep concentration high so sometimes the mind hinders the physical exhaustion. Personally I like both states and consider none less great than the other.


and here is the link to the Adventure Journal post: Inspired to ‚Greatness‘ With Help from Nike


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