Loving the things you do

As there are millions of videos out there it is getting harder every day to find the great ones. Those, which make you stop for a second and think about what you just saw.

Graeme is among these videos. I ran into it as editor’s pick on vimeo from where I frequently posted videos. Call it quality-youtube.

This made me think about the love for things one does. As outlined in the video description, much of Graeme’s love for skating stems from Asperger’s syndrome. Due to the syndrome he has piled up a massive knowledge about skating in London. I like the picture that is drawn here. He is well-accepted in the scene and referred to a „encyclopedia“ (quoted from the comments, which I really like because these are such positive comments you hardly find on the web).

I start wondering if I was able to develop such a passion for something. Or do something no matter what level I could achieve – just because of the love I feel towards the activity. After thinking about Marlboro’s slogan I can add Nike’s „Just Do It“ here. Whatever others think, whatever level you perform at, as long as you feel committed to it, go for it (that is the core of this blog, I’d guess).

Just wanted to make you think a little about it. Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did.


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