Thinking about Changes

As an entire profession has been created around change it is time to pick up the topic in this very place. Change management is a lot about making people feel good about changes. And making it as easy as possible for them to reach the destination.

Well, this implies change can be perceived as a bad thing. Most of the times it is about taking something away from you. It is about leaving your comfort zone.

Just like climbing a mountain. All the time you do not feel that good, but when you think back it is a great feeling of achievement. And you start remembering the panorama instead of the pain (found the picture here: theloushe).

Change management and comfort zones are pretty esoteric things to me. Nevertheless they have an impact on everybody’s life. Where is the point I want to make here? It has something to do with fashion or the clothes you wear, respectively. I met an old friend today and wore the same Barbour jacket I have been wearing for five years now. It is a little beat up. Just the way is is supposed to look, with some nice patina.

And when I got home, I thought: She must be thinking you did not change the slightest… still wearing this jacket. Are the clothes we wear agents of change? Are they an expression of our current state of mind or do they influence the way we feel and act? In the company I work with a strict business dress-code has been put into place. And I think it changes the way people interact bottom-up. On casual fridays communication is entirely different. As the name implies, it is more casual and informal.

So can we then influence change by changing our clothes? Worth a try. Suit up for a week and give board-room ready clothes a chance to help you be more formal with colleagues. Feel more professional? Dress-down and try to think out of the box more.


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