The Art and Beauty of a Road Trip

In 2009 I loaded my car with all the gear I have and hit the road. Imagine a Golf packed to the roof with:

  • a road bike
  • a cross country mountainbike
  • a downhill bike
  • climbing gear
  • a tent
  • a lot of clothes for all conditions and all sports
  • three helmets
  • and many smaller things I cannot recall

The equipment was worth about 150% the car’s value. Here is a picture taken just below Passo Bernina:

While preparing for the exams I planned the trip. The plot was easy: Think about all the great places shown in sports catalogues. And then just go there and check if they were really that beautiful.

I do not want to yammer about the stops I made and what I saw back then. Pontresina, Passo Bernina, Simplonpass, Zermatt, Col de la Forclaz, Chamonix. Those names really sound like adventure, don’t they?

Even better: Just started planning the next trip. The more you need it, the longer in advance you can start thinking about it. The Lake Garda post a little while ago stems from the same background and we’ll be off in a fortnight. This summer the road trip will be all about taking great photos and enjoy the road as much as the stops. Starting from Munich is allowing for an itinerary more south. Maybe I will head straight to Chamonix. Last time I wanted to reach Nice. Which I didn’t due to back problems and a bottleneck on the financial side. This time everything is different. Bigger car (but less reliable), more money and same amount of sports gear.

Still I will go on my own as they is supposedly nobody around able to schedule his/her annual leave on the same date. Well, this worked out quite well the last time. Plus I developed a certain interest in climbing solo this autumn. As long as the crevasses are at a tolerable level there is nothing wrong about going alone.

And so my mind is on the road already…


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