Get out and climb a mountain

Sometimes you just need to get out. And this tour was more than just going to the mountains. After not reaching the summit on the last two tours there arose some need for a summit. Every trip has got it’s very own characteristic and can be valued as such. Nevertheless reaching the summit is what you are there for. On Schrankogel we tried hard and still did not make it to the top.

Changing this weekend’s destination from Fineilspitze to Alpspitze definitely wasn’t an easy call. I climbed the Ferrata in November with little snow, but going there in winter was a whole different story. You cannot rely on the ropes and most of the time the slopes are quite steep.

Actually this trip is serving as good example of risk-evaluation. My nerves were stressed out from time to time. Still I was taking the risk and focusing on the summit. The weather and the snow were as good as it gets. When the sun is shining you are comfortable with the situation way longer than in overcast weather.

This picture shows Axel at the very beginning of the tour. Both of us not sure whether we were able to reach the summit. With the sun shining higher on the mountain things changed completely.

Risk-Assessment is based on the remoteness of the mountain. This is what I have learned from this trip. Comparing it to the more remote Schrankogel we were implicitly feeling more secure. Just because of the close by skiing area and its huts.

When a lonely ski passed us and vanished over a cliff we thought again. These two guys were facing a lot of trouble with about 2000 vertical meter to descend and just three skis for the two of them.

Here are some more pictures, thanks to Axel for bringing his iPhone. The camera is so much better than the one my HTC came with.

just another hint: ALWAYS bring sunglasses to the mountains! Do not ask why. Just believe me here.




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