Getting ready

How to stay in shape (or what I consider shape nowadays) when your work 50 to 60 hours a week?

If I knew, you’d be among the first I shared the information with. First of all you have to squeeze in a workout wherever you can. Unlike Andi still I am not ready to wake up at four o’clock in the morning and go for a bike ride. Getting up at six and have a little jog has to be enough.

Buttermilk, fruit-shakes and stuff can help to at least maintain a certain healthy lifestyle. On the other hand: I definitely have to cut back on coffee.

Why is all this bothering me? – Piz Palü! This majestic peak in Switzerland is the goal on the Easter holidays.

Axel and I have been training quite a bit (see the first fail on Schrankogel). But you never know what is going to happen on mountains like this.

I am pretty psyched to visit Pontresina and the Engadin again. It is a beautiful place! Often referred to as „Ballroom of the Alps“ the scenery is incredible. Riding up Bernina Pass with the old fashioned red trains is a great experience, no matter if you consider climbing the mountains you pass or just want to stand there watching their beauty.


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