Thinking about work-life balance

A vast amount of literature is covering work-life-balance and I most certainly do not want to cover to topic in depth. Nevertheless some thoughts have to be posted here.

Before you go on reading first check out this article at Employee Evolution: Forget Work-Life Balance and Build A Lifestyle.

Ryan Healy used to publish some thought-provoking articles and this is one of them. As he points out, that Work-Life Balance was a thing of the past I wonder: Why are so many people still talking about it? Well, actually this is due to a lack of knowledge.

Balancing your life is the challenging part. It is not about leveling the inputs nor working 40 hours and stop thinking about work. Since my parents are knowledge workers and their jobs keep them from not thinking about the job after the work is done I am used to the fact that work is still with you when you leave the office.

Is this a bad thing? Not at all! If you started to think about your work as something you do for about 8 hours a day and then you want to get the hell out of there and not think about it until the next morning… well, then you screwed up your life. Every now and then everybody is experiencing theses phases. I am not questioning that. And depending on your age and the career you made and are going to make in the future these phases might become longer. But nowadays everybody should be able to attain a job that allows for some fun.

So if this was no bad thing, how to adjust your mindset? First of all: Stop thinking about work as work. If you can pay your flat with ease, eat and drink properly, enjoy some crazy weekends, save a little money for a bad day – then there is absolutely no need to worry about „more money“. You might want to get paid more. But be aware that with a higher salary there comes higher responsibility. And this will immediately take away precious spare time.

Being able to decide when and where to work is the modern equivalent to work-life balance. And this is what most employers do not strengthen enough. Giving the opportunity to their workforce to decide themselves is what can make a corporation strive. With this there comes motivation and the will to perform.

In the end your sunday morning may look like this and you feel good about it:



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