Tim Gunn

Having the same first name in some way gives people a connection although they never actually met. This is especially true when it comes to Tim Gunn and myself.

Having a certain interest in fashion (not the slightest close to Tim’s) I enjoyed some of the videos that are on youtube. He might be a bit harsh in his statement on Hillary Clinton but nevermind. Personally I would never ever judge this harsh unless people try to tell me something about fashion.

As Tim usually points out the only necessity is for you to feel comfortable with what you wear. And shape can make up for a lot… So dressing not the way others do is by no means a failure. It is just the other way round as long as you feel comfortable with what you wear. Well, I have to clarify this, since a lot of people take it too far. And by this I will most likely tell you something else than the above stated.

Looking like you just got out off bed in the afternoon is not showing your disrespect towards fashion but your disrespect towards other people around you. As Tim puts it: „if you wanna dress to feel so you never got outta bed –don’t get outta bed!“

But there is tension with this. You do not dress for others. You dress for yourself. But your clothes are some sort of correspondence. Dressing in a worn out suit is worse than showing up in nice jeans. This is what most people tend to forget. It is not the item that makes you look well-dressed, it is the way you wear it.

So here are some Tim Gunn videos I liked.



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