Things I would not want to miss

When it comes to evaluating your personal belongings there are different ways to make the judgement. You might want to imagine your flat was on fire and you had to pick the five most valued things.

Or you select stuff prior to a move. Then it would be the amount of boxes you bought that limit your ability to carry stuff with you. In chinese Feng Shui the basement is taken as synonym for your past while the attic is your future. Right now I do not own an attic and my basement is becoming more and more of a mess. Since it was way bigger than the one I had before I started adding stuff.

But having a lean flat can really make it more enjoyable. Trying to find a perfect fit is not easy at all. Some people tend to not have any personal stuff while others are collecting so many things. Being an economist I think of most things as immobile money. Money creates opportunities. You could be new or better stuff with money while a collection of DVDs is just collecting dirt most of the time. Therefore it comes down to a evaluation of the opportunities you might have in the future.

With clothes it is even more funny. I’d guess most people keep way more stuff in their closets than they actually use. Old shirts, shirts that do not fit any longer. Odd trousers. I try to really keep my wardrobe as little as possible. This makes you think about any new piece you at more. Is it going with what you have? There is just one thing I cannot get enough of. White shirts. Be it sports cuffs or french cuffs, shark collars or Kent collars, you name it…

How comes that? Well, they are easy to combine with almost everything. They go with red trousers and a blue sports jacket. They look totally business with a suit. You can even combine them with a corduroy tie and cardigan and jeans. So they are my favourites when it comes to versatility.

Away from fashion I’d say my headphones are one of the most valued goods. Well, there are more. But they were the best spent 80€ in a while. I love them so much I consider buying new and better ones. Listening to music on a good pair of headphones is pretty much as good as it gets. The only thing beyond this might be a classical concert with your favourite pieces…



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