Haglöfs Atom II Bib – update

As promised here is some sort of review. Unfortunately I am working too much and ski too little. So please do not take this serious and base a decision for any purchase on what I say.

The bib is just amazing! It is warm, it is comfy and you feel well sheltered. This could as well be the end of the test.

Here are some shots before I add some more comments on the details.

Here you can see the Kevlar protection on the ankle. I adjusted the width of the leg to be close to the boot.

Just below the logo the foam-padding starts. This is definitely the most amazing part I have ever experienced in outdoor clothing! The foam works like a heating. Still the bib is supporting every move. Skiing that day was simply great.

The Flexable-part works good on the torso. But make sure to wear a shirt that is long enough. I did not and it was a little troubling.

In case there are specific questions please use the comment field!



I do not want to add another post so here is the addition:

Check out this post for a brief report on the conditions. Minus 30 degress celsius to summarize. The bib were comfortable and warm all the time. Best thing: No snow in my ski boots. The leg is adjustable and the gaiters inside do a perfect job.

Two minor things troubled me: the foam pads are not right under my knee when kneeling in the snow. I guess they are perfect for ice climbing and skiing but for me they do not work for kneeling (if you try them on, you might want to check for this).

And the hamstring get a little cold. Easy to prevent with better underwear.

Still absolutely amazed by the bib. Highly recommended!

For more reviews see the Test Overview page: Test Overview


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