Photography – part Ia

This is not really the sequel. This is more of an update but too much that it allowed editing Part I.

I have been busy today shopping new equipment. Although Lisa Bettany wrote something about being happy with the things you own, I just had to buy new stuff! Actually I ordered it because the shops I found today were not providing the right things.

Unfortunately the DIY-idea was not that clever. I wanted to build an improved version using wood. But as it turned out buying a light tent at amazon was cheaper than the raw materials. I ordered this one: Light Tent. Price is awesome. Hopefully quality somewhat lives up to my expectations.

Second thing I ordered: Wireless Radio Flash Trigger. I would have gone for optical triggers but since I plan to attend more cycling races (of which some might be held in sunlight) there arose a need for radio control. Although you can find some older recommendations for the PT 04 I did not go with it. Thanks to Radeldudel warning they were crap (Check out the page for some german hints to Strobist photography).

So after spending some money I saved some more. How? By not getting Photoshop. I once again tried to install GIMP on my Macbook. First times were unlucky but I got it fixed by installing X11 first (should read the manual more carefully next time). You can find all links necessary on the homepage.

What did I do with GIMP? I faked a tilt-shift lense. Well… I tried to but it turned out to be harder than I thought. Find below the first result. The blur has to become stronger and I have to figure out how to do it. You can find the tutorial (in german) here.

Tilt Shift Fake

I am grateful for any comments on the picture.


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