Photography – part I

I was surfing on the net yesterday and found some really interesting pages for those of you who share the love for photography. Taking photos is a funny thing. I have had my comeback in 2008. Cameras have always been around in our household. My granddad took lots of slides. My uncle took photos while on vacation in Asia mostly. Someday I joined the photo club at school and learned a few things about photography. The better half of the time was taken away by developing the negatives. Films were almost exclusively black and white so we were able to develop the slides in the lab. This is good fun and everybody should be doing it just to get a feeling for the time photos took prior to digital-age.

Nowadays my shots are taken with an amateur Nikon. Great camera. Little slow for sports but I can lend my brother’s camera for faster processing and more shots per second. I meant to include a gallery in this very blog but got troubled with the uploading (New Year’s Resolution #2: Add photos to blog). Sorry, I kinda lost it here. I promised some links and here they are:

Ken Rockwell’s page

Ken Rockwell is just fantastic. He knows A LOT about photography and provides honest recommendations on his page. Since he is not sponsored you can 120% rely on what he says. I would not consider buying anything without consulting his page first.

DIY Photography

This hobby is pretty expensive. It is getting even more expensive when the camera is considered part of you ego. Fortunately I do not tend to mix this up. And can therefore build my own light tent (this might turn out to be NY’s Resolution #3). Or take photos without 600mm tele zoom lenses. DIY Photography provides all kind of tricks for building equipment.

Photojojo Store

For those willing to spend some money, this is the place to go (well, lenses might be better bought at amazon but nevermind). A nice blend of fancy stuff and actually useful stuff.

The Strobist

The Strobist blog is dealing with flashing. Lots of flashes. Check out the 101. The above mentioned light tent will be based on one of Strobist’s tutorials.

In the next post on photography I am going to cover some Flickr-Accounts and homepages one should check from time to time. Since taking photos is about being creative as well as doing covers of photos (at least it is to me) you can use them for inspirational purposes.


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