Oh look. This could turn out to become a debate on principles. To list or not to list.

Having lists just like the triads in this very blog are at no time sufficient to get an distinguished overview. But they are neither meant nor to be understood as complete.

Actually I think the post is quite good. To condense difficult, complex topics into five bullet points is definitely not the best idea. But since we get less patient every day the list might be the only thing feasible to our schedules.

Nevertheless I have to take up the cudgels for the lists. Having difficult things in a text is not helping the slightest when you try to stick with a new behaviour. Quitting with smoking remains an issue if you had to read through piles of paper every day just to remind yourself how to do it. On the other hand a list you wrote (and did not copy from Men’s Health) can really make a difference. As pointed out in 2. in the Thought Catalog post: „Lists can’t really capture nuance.“ But since one knows about the omitted nuances, there is no need to have them in the list. It is just this high-level-assessment for everyday use.



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